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whether treatment Nabawi it?

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Nabawi treatment meaning that is the method of treatment has ever used or what the prophet had commanded him and suggested including what he forbids, to obtain physical and spiritual health. method of treatment he did reply there are several types of therapy: hijamah or bruise the drug, such as honey, al habatusauda, hena, talbinah, tin etc

ruqyah is a reading derived from al-Quran or the as-sunna, Ibn qaayim suggests,
the best are a combination of several treatments, he therefore recommended reading bekam prayers rukqyah when treating patients. Anyone may claim that the method of treatment is most efficacious, potent and powerful. but is there someone who can approach him as a prophet apostle, leader of the whole human being? the answer is certain.

means anyone please "bragging" about the greatness treatment methods.
indeed undeniable part of treatment methods that humans have created for the benefit of the human body health. but at the same time and at the same time he also cure the heart and soul? even not rarely, because consideration of the material and the income part of treatment is intended to drain the bag yag patients, with a scare with the disease and that
dzalik naudzubilah min.
Sebenarnnya Ibn al-Qayyim explained above already illustrates the difference between treatment methods Nabawi with other treatment methods. It's good but we listen again to the explanation of Al-Imam following "comparison of the therapeutic treatment compared with treatment Nabawi, equal to the ratio of ordinary people and who does not know anything. This explanation is nothing more noble and of what I explain.

Anas ra. The Prophet said:
"The way the ideal treatment that you do is hijamah and use al-qusthul-bahri"
(Mutaffaq alaih)

"As good as - better treatment you're doing is hijamah. (Al bani)

patient when sick, while delicious thanksgiving
"From shuhaib (bin sinan) he said:" Rasulullah SAW said, really amazing things believers, because all business is good, and so it does not apply to anyone except for the Muslims. if you get something nice, he was grateful and it was good for him, and if in inflicting something unpleasant, she was patient and it was good for him. "(Muslim 5318).
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best hijamah sterilization procedures

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1. Glass sprayed with hydrogen header paroxyde sufficiently.
2. Pengguyuran and cleaning with water flowing
3. Soaking with chlorite or disinfectant liquid
4. Draining and drying
5. Sterilization of all intsrumen in sterilizer
6. Hijamah sterilization room at night with ultraviole
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before hijamah consider these tips

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  • Choosing hijamah practices that have and use sterelisasi
  • Choosing hijamah practices that use sterile swab to clean the blood and not tissue.
  • Choosing hijamah practices that do not use a razor blade to cuku extravasation.
  • Prioritize the use hijamah practice and not puncture incisions or needle Lancet.
  • Choosing penghijamahan using tools - safety devices nosocomial infections, such as handglove, face masks, etc..
  • Selecting a point hijamah practices - titiknya not too much, to avoid the bull extracell
  • Choosing penghijamaah that have the ability to diagnose diseases and symptoms - the symptoms.
  • Reject raw - raw hijamah practices that handle two patients and the rest at once.
  • Penghijamaah wary of guaranteeing a cure through his hands, because only God who heals.
  • Penghijamaah wary of sharing too easy to associate with the element of illnesses genie disorders, tuyul, possession, and the like. Beware of shirk. Male
  • Mewaspadai penghijamah - a man who handled a female patient.
  • Remember, practice hijamah bad, especially hygiene and sterilization issues are a potential cause of nosocomial infections among patients, who suffer the consequences of this are patient and not penghimajah. Are you ready for contracting hepatitis, HIV / AIDS?
  • so be careful in choosing penghijamaah for you.
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meaning bruise hijamaah

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BEKAM is a term arising in the land of Indonesia alone, an ancient Arabic bruise is hijamah

HIJAMAH is treatment to remove the oxidant and toxins from the body through the suction of the skin and blood extravasation from capillaries in the epidermal layer.

initial treatment hijamah civilization began from the time of the ancient Arabs. This treatment is recommended in all the human race. when the prophet Muhammad received messages from angels angels in the Ascension Isra.

"I is not through one of the sky but the sky is the angel said: O Muhammad, tell your people to berbekam (hijamah) as well as possible means that you use to seek treatment is bekam (hijamah)"
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Sabtu, 31 Oktober 2009

bekam services and other services

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Fill contents of this blog is a place selling services and goods. like to help others who want to make a bruise jabodetabek, create a website with cheap and easy, traditional medicine information china, arab etc. and other services again. you trust us to account properly accounted for
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