Senin, 02 November 2009

before hijamah consider these tips

  • Choosing hijamah practices that have and use sterelisasi
  • Choosing hijamah practices that use sterile swab to clean the blood and not tissue.
  • Choosing hijamah practices that do not use a razor blade to cuku extravasation.
  • Prioritize the use hijamah practice and not puncture incisions or needle Lancet.
  • Choosing penghijamahan using tools - safety devices nosocomial infections, such as handglove, face masks, etc..
  • Selecting a point hijamah practices - titiknya not too much, to avoid the bull extracell
  • Choosing penghijamaah that have the ability to diagnose diseases and symptoms - the symptoms.
  • Reject raw - raw hijamah practices that handle two patients and the rest at once.
  • Penghijamaah wary of guaranteeing a cure through his hands, because only God who heals.
  • Penghijamaah wary of sharing too easy to associate with the element of illnesses genie disorders, tuyul, possession, and the like. Beware of shirk. Male
  • Mewaspadai penghijamah - a man who handled a female patient.
  • Remember, practice hijamah bad, especially hygiene and sterilization issues are a potential cause of nosocomial infections among patients, who suffer the consequences of this are patient and not penghimajah. Are you ready for contracting hepatitis, HIV / AIDS?
  • so be careful in choosing penghijamaah for you.

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